City Department of Neighborhoods is in Westwood

An inspector from the Department of Neighborhoods has been going up and down our streets looking for violations of city ordinances such as storing your garbage can and recycle can in view from the street.
Please be aware that residents cannot store the green recycle can or the brown garbage can where anyone can see it as they pass by.

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July Yard of The Month

YOM July 2014

The Reas    9706 Mickler

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2-Garbage_Collection_0623_2014Here are the riles on solid waste collection from the City of Houston. Let’s all try to follow them. It is up to HPD to enforce them since they are city ordainces, so I am sure they can issue tickets for infractions.

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We recently put out the larvicide in the storm sewers and in the ditch next to the railroad tracks. Please check around your house and make sure there is no standing water. The weather is getting ideal for hatching out a whole bunch of mosquitoes.

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June Yard of the Month

100_2190    The Langseths  10114 Woodwind

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Big Green Cans

Remember, the big green recycle cans are not due to be picked up until June 26th. The small green bins we are using now will be picked up the recycle day before the 26th. I believe that will be the 12th. Hard to believe we finally are going to be like the rest of the city.

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Big Green Recycle Cans

Yes it is true!! We are scheduled to get the COH big green recycle cans in June. This was confirmed by city councilman Larry Greens office this week. It’s been a long wait but it is finally here.

Well they are already here!! Amazing.

The first scheduled pick up is June 26th. That is our regular recycle date.

Remember, trash cans should not be visible from the street according to COH code.

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@014 – 2015 Calendars

The 2014 – 2015 events calendars are on their way. Calendars should be at you door this week end.
Keep them handy.

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2014 Budget

The following is the projected budget for the Westwood Civic Club for 2014
Babbler —————— $1000.00
Esplanade ————– $4000.00
Honorarium ———— $300.00
Office supplies ——– $150.00
Contingency ———– $500.00
Larvacide ————– $1000.00
NNO ——————— $150.00
Holiday party ———- $100.00
Membership ———– $500.00
P.O. Box —————- $70.00
COP ——————— $200.00
Total ——————— $8470.00

This budget is based on a projected income of $8000 – $9000 for the fiscal year.
We need to get every one to send in their dues so we can make this happen.
Bill Pennington
Pres. Westwood Civic Club

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Bob Dyer

Long time resident of Westwood, Bob Dyer, has passed away. Bob and his wife, Bernice, contributed many volunteer hours. These hours resulted in Westwood’s new streets and many issues of the Babbler. Westwood is a better neighorhood due to their efforts. Our condolences to the Dyer family.

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