Volunteers Needed

Elections for the Civic Club board are coming up and we need some new blood. Most of the current board members have served 3 or more years. The board does not require a lot of time in a year, but it is a commitment. The civic club does many things for the neighborhood that go unnoticed. Not the least of these is the enforcement of our deed restrictions. The neighborhood is about to undergo a great deal of change and some strong leadership is needed. If you have a few spare hours a year, your help would be greatly appreciated. If you wish to volunteer please contact me(penn43@earthlink.net) or Bob Weber(w_weber@sbcglobal.net) Hope to hear from you.
Bill Pennington

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Janurary yard of the month

YOM Jan 20151

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Holiday Decorations

Here are the winners of the holiday decoration judging. Thanks again to the Reas and the Michalecs for judging again this year. There were some really well-decorated yards. Thanks to everyone.
9722 Bassoon —-most festive
4065 Osby ———-best all around
4065 Omeara —- best theme
4061 Omeara —- most original
4019 Nenana —- judges choice
4025 Woodfox — most elegant
11018 Bassoon — most creative
Thanks again to everyone and hoping everyone has a glorious new year.

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Neighbor Passing

Noticed in the Chronicle that long time neighbor Mary Daigle had passed away. Although she had moved a few years ago, she lived in the neighborhood for many years. Her husband was once the president of the civic club.

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Yard of The Month

YOM Oct 2014 The Flies' 4074 Silverwood

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We Lose a Neighbor, Norma Porter

A long-time resident of Westwood, Norma Porter, of 4105 Lymbar, passed away on Friday, Oct. 25. We offer our condolences to her two sons.

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Mosguito Control

We put a dose of larvicide in the storm drains this afternoon. Every one needs to check around their house and get rid of any standing water.
Thanks to Bob and Sandy for the help with the larvicide.
Bill P

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City Department of Neighborhoods is in Westwood

An inspector from the Department of Neighborhoods has been going up and down our streets looking for violations of city ordinances such as storing your garbage can and recycle can in view from the street.
Please be aware that residents cannot store the green recycle can or the brown garbage can where anyone can see it as they pass by.

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2-Garbage_Collection_0623_2014Here are the riles on solid waste collection from the City of Houston. Let’s all try to follow them. It is up to HPD to enforce them since they are city ordainces, so I am sure they can issue tickets for infractions.

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Big Green Recycle Cans

Yes it is true!! We are scheduled to get the COH big green recycle cans in June. This was confirmed by city councilman Larry Greens office this week. It’s been a long wait but it is finally here.

Well they are already here!! Amazing.

The first scheduled pick up is June 26th. That is our regular recycle date.

Remember, trash cans should not be visible from the street according to COH code.

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