2014 Budget

The following is the projected budget for the Westwood Civic Club for 2014
Babbler —————— $1000.00
Esplanade ————– $4000.00
Honorarium ———— $300.00
Office supplies ——– $150.00
Contingency ———– $500.00
Larvacide ————– $1000.00
NNO ——————— $150.00
Holiday party ———- $100.00
Membership ———– $500.00
P.O. Box —————- $70.00
COP ——————— $200.00
Total ——————— $8470.00

This budget is based on a projected income of $8000 – $9000 for the fiscal year.
We need to get every one to send in their dues so we can make this happen.
Bill Pennington
Pres. Westwood Civic Club

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Bob Dyer

Long time resident of Westwood, Bob Dyer, has passed away. Bob and his wife, Bernice, contributed many volunteer hours. These hours resulted in Westwood’s new streets and many issues of the Babbler. Westwood is a better neighorhood due to their efforts. Our condolences to the Dyer family.

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Bellfort Park Apartments

A company has contacted us for an endorsement of their project to demolish the Bellfort Park Apartments and rebuild new ones. They would still be affordable housing but it would be gated, new construction with strict requirements for the renters. The civic Club board can see nothing but positive result for the neighborhood. That being said, we are in the process of endorsing this project. I will keep everyone informed.
Bill Pennington

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Yard of the Month

The Abieras 10118 WoodwindYOM December 2013 - The Abieras

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Visiable Garabage Cans

It is against City of Houston code to have garbage cans visible from the street. CoH code of ordinances chapt.39 sec 39-62 item g.
Please do your part and get your can out of sight. Make sure you tell your neighbors.

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Yard of THe Month

YOM November 2013

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Yard if The Month

YOM October 2013

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Roofer’s Signs

Let’s press the roofing contractors to get their signs out of your yard. If your roof is done, get them to pick up their signs or remove them your self. They have had plenty of free advertising time. It is time to move on.

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Black Trash Bags

City of Houston Solid Waste will not pick up your yard waste that is contained in large black plastic bags. The rules say that tree and yard waste must be in city approved recyclable plastic bags. I know these bags are not very good as far as holding anything but those are the rules. If you have or your neighbors have yard waste at the curb in black plastic bags, please move them and get the material in the proper bags.

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The following is the schedule for heavy trash pick up. Heavy trash may be put at t he curb starting the Friday prior to pick up. Our pick up day is the third Tuesday of the month. Please observe the tree waste/junk waste schedule. Homes with heavy trash out other than the approved times, will be reported to the city.

Tree Waste                     Junk waste

January                           February
March                               April
May                                  June
July                                   August
September                     October
November                      December

If you have any further questions, please go to the City of Houston solid waste dept. web site.

Let’s all work to keep our neighborhood neat and clean.

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