Parking on The Grass

I recently got a pamphlet from HPD on the parking on the yard ordinance. The important part to me was the definition of an improved surface. The ordinance states that it’s purpose is to restrict parking on unimproved surfaces. The definition of an improved surface is as follows: “An area excluding a driveway, the surface of which is comprised of selected materials constructed to a depth sufficient to distribute the weight of a vehicle or equipment over such an area to preclude deterioration or deflection of the area due to vehicle or equipment load, adverse weather or other conditions.” The officer I spoke with said that the final decision on the surface was the responsibility of the city engineer. He further said that a patrol officer would not issue a citation that he could not justify in court. So to me it seems vary unlikely that a ticket will be issued to any one who has any type of hard surface under the wheels of a vehicle. Hope this helps some what clarify this ordinance.